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7/8/2014 — Seattle, Washington<br />
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Customer Vivian McPeak, 55, pays for his legal marijuana<br />
on sale at Cannabis City in Seattle, WASH.<br />
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Cannabis City, owned by James Lathrop, opened today in Seattle, WASH. one of several legal marijauna retail stores to open across Washington State on July 8th, 2014. Of Washington's 334 marijuana license lottery winners, the Washington State Liquor Control Board issued 24 actual retail licenses for the July 8th deadline.<br />
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Cannabis City expected to have 10 pounds of marijuana stocked for their grand opening, selling for $15 to $20 per gram. Because of timing, many retail pot stores in Washington State will face shortages as legal growing operations ramp up production to meet demand. Lines started forming at Cannibis City the night before it opened.<br />
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Photograph by Stuart Isett<br />
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