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5/23/2000--Funabashi, Japan..Ex Yakuza gangster and born again Christian, Rev, Hiroyuki Suzuki (center). Body tattoos, chopped-off fingers and a criminal record have made the Rev Hiroyuki Suzuki into one of the most colourful and famous preachers in Japan, where barely 1 per cent of the population believes in Jesus. ..Suzuki, however, advocates in-your-face evangelism rather than Bible-study groups. Four years ago he and seven other former gangsters founded Mission Barabas, named after the thief Pontius Pilot freed instead of Jesus. Under the slogan, 'Our boss is God', they have adapted yakuza virtues of loyalty and discipline to their activities. Their territory is prisons and red-light districts. Among those drawn to their small chapel in Funabashi, west of Tokyo, are prostitutes, petty crooks and drug addicts. ..All photographs ©2003 Stuart Isett.All rights reserved.This image may not be reproduced without expressed written permission from Stuart Isett.