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10/14/2011--Woodinville, WA, USA..Michael Sloane, distiller at Pacific distillery, checks the still...Pacific Distillery uses at Al-ambiq copper still made in Portugal. Copper has excellent heat-transfer capabilities, resistance to corrosion from wine being distilled into brandy, and copper chemically neutralizes many of the unwanted flavors that can ruin a liquor...When Pacific Distillery’s Marc Bernhard started the company in 2007, he was propelled by a love of gin and a fascination with a spirit that many associated for years with art and madness: absinthe. He planned to focus on making gin and absinthe that were historically accurate from a flavor perspective..Bernhard’s Voyager Dry Gin ($25.90) is similarly true to history; after 27 different experiments and tasting panels consisting of local spirit experts, he finally came to a recipe that mirrors the standard gins of 100 years ago, gins that were juniper forward, bold and memorable. ..©2011 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.