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2/10/2012--Bellevue,WA, US..Coinstar's automated coffee kiosk at the company's headquarters in Bellevue, WASH...Coinstar has quietly shaken up retailing with kiosks that let people convert jars of loose change into wads of paper cash while its Redbox machines dispense DVD rentals for $1.29 a night. Now it's seeking to take its concept of "automated retailing" even further, with coffee machines that whip up gourmet lattes and peddle refurbished iPads and other electronics devices. It's unclear yet whether the new categories will be as big a hit as Redbox, which helped accelerate the decline of Blockbuster and turned Coinstar into the biggest renter of DVDs in the country. Although DVD rentals are still growing for the company, that business is threatened long term by the rise of streaming services like Netflix, prompting Coinstar to announce a deal on Monday with Verizon to jointly develop a DVD rental and streaming movie service...©2012 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.