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6/8/2015—Seattle, WA, USA<br />
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Rows of drilling pipes ready in a holding bay of the Polar Pioneer oil rig.<br />
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The Polar Pioneer offshore oil rig, parked at Seattle’s Terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle. The rig arrived in the city on May, 14th, 2015 and immediately drew protest groups as well as resistance from city, county and state leaders concerned over the rig’s planned arctic oil exploration and the impact of arctic oil drilling on climate change. Shell hopes to berth equipment in Seattle during the off-season of oil exploration in Alaskan waters of the Arctic.<br />
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When the Polar Pioneer arrived in Seattle it was met by activists paddling out in kayaks, so-called “kayaktivists”,  who along with Greenpeace and other loosely aligned groups plans protests all summer in the city until the rig leaves.<br />
Photograph by Stuart Isett for The Wall Street Journal<br />
©2015 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.<br />