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7/28/2009--Seattle, WA, USA..A Sound Transit Link train pulls arrives at the Tukwila Station, south of Seattle..The Sound Transit Link Light Rail opened in Seattle on July 20th 2009, after decades of planning and political wrangling. Construction of the city's new mass transit system took five years and cost $2.3 billion. By the end of the 2009 Sound Transit says light rail will reach Sea-Tac Airport; the train currently runs 14 miloes from the downtown Westlake station to Tukwila, south of Seattle, with extensions planned to run north and east out of the city.The first efforts to build modern rail transit in the Seattle area began about 50 years ago. A comprehensive plan was defeated by voters three times (1968, 1970, 1995), and then a shortened, "starter" system was passed in 1996. ..©2009 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.