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5/28/2009--Seattle, WA, USA..Dr. Lili Sacks, a primary care doctor at Qliance in Seattle, meets with patient Matt White. Qliance is a medical practice that specializes in comprehensive primary, preventive and wellness care. Dr. Sacks moved last year to the eight-doctor clinic that focuses on longer patient appointments of 30 to 60 minutes. This translates to 10-12 patients per day, about half the volume of people she treated in her old office. Patients also communicate directly with Dr. Sacks through phone or email...During those longer appointments, Dr. Sacks can perform basic lab tests and simple procedures, so patients don't have to see as many specialists. By stepping off the big clinic treadmill, where front-line doctors are sometimes asked to see a different patient every fifteen minutes, Dr. Sacks joined the vanguard of primary care physicians redefining patient care. These doctors focus on getting to know patients, stressing prevention and education to keep them healthy and meeting most medical needs without an abundance of specialist referrals...©2009 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.