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7/2/2005--Taizhou, Zheijiang Province, China..In the village of Mukeng, computer circuit  boards are 'cooked' down over charcoal burners to release chips and precious metals but also toxic fumes...The eastern Chinese port city of Taizhou has now become the center for much of the illegal trade in e-waste (computer waste). 24 hours a day ships arrive in the city?s harbor carrying cargo of waste, including millions of computer parts. These parts flow out of the port in trucks into the city and hinterland where hundreds of tiny work shops break down the parts, melting off the precious metals and using acids to separate gold from circuits boards, mobile phones, monitors and other computer parts. Neighborhoods are filled with the noxious and toxic fumes of this unregulated industry and thousands of men, women and children are exposed to a toxic cocktail of fumes and dust released. .Photograph By Stuart Isett.All photographs ©2005 Stuart Isett.All rights reserved.