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12/2/2006--Kolkata (Calcutta), India..Front of Putulbari House (sometimes called the Doll  House) on Strand Road, North Kolkata. About 20 families now live in the home. The facade of the Theatre House ? so dubbed because its owners were great patrons of the dramatic arts ? still has hints of grandeur. An ornate balcony clings precariously to an upper story and vines slither along false doorways. Freshly-washed saris flutter from high windows like party streamers. ..The building has been sub-let to a variety of tenants. The interior of the busy godown on the ground floor was built to accommodate the swelling waters of the nearby Hooghly River. Up the sagging staircase is a sun-lit courtyard with a delicate colonnade carved with European faces (SHOWN HERE) and Hindu gods...Now partitions of brick, corrugated iron and tarpaulin section off a number of dwellings which are rented out for 100 rupees a month. In one corner an old woman squats brushing her teeth and spits into the courtyard. The decay is almost spectacular. ..Photograph ©2007 Stuart Isett.All rights reserved