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Ijen, Java, Indonesia..Sulphur miners working in the active volcano in Ijen to mine the 'yellow gold'..Running down the sides of the sulfur mound are pipes laid by the miners. The pipes reach deep into the volcano, channeling the sulfur laden gas which cools at the surface allowing the ?yellow gold? to condense and gather in vibrant yellow pools. All over this man-made sulfur hill miners can be seen feverishly chipping away at solidified sulfur, gathering large chunks for the arduous climb out of the volcano. With the sulfur hung from two baskets on the ends of poles the miners climb back out of the crater. Most of the miners are barefoot and the strain from the weight of the sulfur arches their backs, digging the poles deep into their backs. Despite the miners? strength, few can manage to walk more than 50 meters without stopping to rest. The scent of traditional Indonesian cloves fills the air whenever the miners rest, offering a well needed break from the stinging fumes of Ijen. ..All photographs ©2003 Stuart Isett.All rights reserved.