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10/27/2010--Seattle, WA, USA..Bike path in the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park which opened in 2007 on industrial land on Puget Sound in Seattle's Belltown district and included beach restoration along Puget Sound. The Museum aimed to restore the former industrial site, while providing a unique setting for outdoor sculpture and public use. The park's innovative design achieved a wide range of environmental restoration goals, including brownfield redevelopment, creation of a salmon habitat, extensive use of native plantings and the capture and use of rainwater on site..A substantial proportion of Seattleites use their bicycles for recreation or transportation. It is estimated that about 36% of Seattle's 520,000 citizens engage in recreational bicycling, and between 4,000 and 8,000 people bicycle commute in Seattle each day, depending on the time of year and weather conditions. The city's 'Bicycle Program' has been working steadily toward developing an urban trail system to accommodate bicyclists. Urban trails include shared use paths, bike lanes, signed bike routes, arterials with wide shoulders, and pedestrian pathways. Seattle has about 28 miles of shared use paths, 22 miles of on-street, striped bike lanes, and about 90 miles of signed bike routes and is investing in more every year...Photograph by Stuart Isett