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7/6/2008--Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada..Gibsons, a town of 4,000, is considered the gateway to the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver. Molly's Reach is a historic diner and was featured for 19 years on CBC's famous TV show, "The Beachcombers". Dishing up old favorites like halibut and chips, Molly's Reach has decorated its walls with photographs of the show's cast a crew. The restaurant can be accessed either by boat or by car. ..The rocky Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is just two hours northwest of Vancouver and can only be reached by ferry from Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver. Much of the coastline is accessible by boat only and protected as provincial parkland and visitors have an array of activities to choose from including hiking, kayaking, diving and sailing. Hotels, resorts and B&Bs offer a range of accommodation for travelers...©2008 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.