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7/29/2008--Vancouver, BC, Canada..Tony Parker, NBA LIVE 09 Cover Athlete (San Antonio Spurs)  puts on a custom fit motion capture suit and has  reflective balls attached at EA (Electronic Arts) World Wide Motion Capture Facility in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. EA is an American developer, marketer, publisher, and distributor of computer and video games...The NBA players wear custom fit motion capture suit and have reflective balls, called ?markers? (not sensors), attached to the suit with Velcro. The markers are made of rubber and are covered with reflective tape...Each camera has its own light source, the red ring around each camera ? the lens is the dark spot in the centre. The red light shines into the shoot area, hits the marker and reflects the light back to the camera. The camera records that point of light as a dot on the screen. The software identifies each dot and mocap staff take those dots and attach them to the character provided by the game team. The ?bones? of the game character are pulled around by the dots in the same manner a string would pull a marionette?s body around...A typical team will shoot 8-10 days of motion capture each year and capture about 20,000 seconds (5.5 hours) of animation. The animators on the game team can then manipulate the data as they see fit and deliver it to the software engineers to put into the game...©2008 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.