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8/11/2007--Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada  .The heart of Bamfield is a collection of old fisherman's homes and piers, with a broadwalk that allows visitors to stroll along the waterfront. Kayaks, canoes and small motorboats are the main form of transportation across the inlet. .Bamfield, British Columbia, on Canada's Pacific Northwest coast on Vancouver Island, was a key station on the fragile line of telegraph cables that kept London talking to its farthest-flung imperial outposts around the world. The less pretty of the two cable buildings still stands (seen here in the background), a three-story concrete structure built for communications security..Today, Bamfield remains as a cluster of charming wooden fishermen?s houses and a few bed and breakfasts for the adventurous traveler, around a bay formed by two tiny peninsulas of cliffs that protect the village from fierce winter storms. Originally settled by the Huu-ay-aht First Nation, sits quietly south of the the more popular and booming tourist towns of Tofino and Ucluelet.©2007 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved