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8/30/2012--Redmond, WA, USA..Harald Becker, senior Business Strategist for the Office Envisioning at Microsoft Corporation gives a tour of the company's Envisioning Lab. Here Mr. Becker demonstrates a sit down desk showcasing an interactive workstation called "Spatial Desk?,  a large, fully touch-enabled, multi-monitor workstation. The Spatial Desk has a total of ten independent but linkable displays, orientated in both horizontal and vertical positions and wrapped around the user. ..The Envisioning Lab is based in the Executive Briefing Center of Microsoft's global headquarters at Redmond, Washington State, just east of Seattle. Its main purpose is to demonstrate Microsoft's next generation technologies to its key strategic customers. In addition, the Lab provides a stimulating environment for its software and hardware developers to experiment with different ideas and explore new possibilities...©2012 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.