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8/26/2003--Mauléon Barousse, France..Linda (49?wife) and Sandy (61, husband) Beebe, both originally from Winthrop, Washington USA,  outside their small home in Southern France. Their new Dell computer that was attacked by the 'Blaster virus' on August 23rd. Unable to log back on to the internet the couple eventually used an old Dell laptop (shown in photo) with Windows 98 on it to download anti-virus softtware...Mauléon Barousse,is a sleepy village in the Hautes Pyrenees province of France near the Spanish border. Both of the Beebes are cycling enthusiasts and spend their summers cycling in the hills around their home. Sandy Beebe is a retired United Airlines pilot....All photographs ©2003 Stuart Isett.All rights reserved.This image may not be reproduced without expressed written permission from Stuart Isett.