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7/8/2010--Sammamish, WA, USA...Steve Stone (left), the founder and chief executive of InfoFlows. Also, two co-founders, Megan Kahn (center) and Carlo Martin (right). The company started in Stone's garage, seen here with the company's servers in the back, and it's been forced to return there since a legal dispute with Corbis put it in mothballs...Corbis, Bill Gates's photo archive and digital image distribution business, had a deal with InfoFlows, which created image tracking technology useful in Corbis's business. But the relationship turned sour, and InfoFlows, whose founder and chief executive, Mr. Stone, is a former Microsoft manager, sued Corbis, charging theft of intellectual property and fraud. Corbis lost the case, and has been fined $20 million...©2010 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.