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11/16/2008--Phnom Penh, Cambodia..Suan Yan, 11, one of the Tiny Toones dancers, spends his days polishing shoes for Cambodians and tourists  at the Toul Tom Pong Market (Russian Market) near the Tiny Toones center. In the evenings he trains to break dance with Toy Sobil. ..The Tiny Toones break dancing troupe was founded by Tuy Sobil, a.k.a. "KK", a 31 yr old Cambodian and former gang member from Long Beach,  CA, who was deported from the United States in 2004.  Working out of the Toul Tom Pong neighborhood in Phnom Penh, the Tiny Toone's house runs a drop-in center  and community center for at-risk youth in Phnom Penh. Dance classes, as well as English lessons are offered at the center...©2008  Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.