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5/26/2009--Redmond, WA, USA. Don Mattrick posing on Microsoft's campus in Redmond, WASH. Mattrick took over Microsoft's videogames business nearly two years ago and there were widespread doubts he would last at the company: he's a billionaire who manages the Xbox business largely by videoconference because he refused to move from his home in Vancouver, B.C., to work at Microsoft' Redmond, Wash., headquarters. Yet in his time there, Mr. Mattrick has helped significantly increase the Xbox's lead over Sony's PlayStation 3 and at the E3 games show in June he is expected to more forcefully take on the console leder, Nintendo, with new offerings for casual game players. But he's still grappling with a bigger question: what are Microsoft's long term prospects for making a sustained profit from games? ©2009 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved