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1/30/2015—Seattle, WA, USA<br />
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Jerry Hoffmeisters, 53, and his daughter Rebecca, 9, spend a morning making homemade chocolate in their home in Seattle’s West Seattle neighborhood. <br />
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HERE: After about 24 hours the cocoa nibs are ground into smooth pure chocolate by an Indian spice grinder Jerry uses as a melanger. After heating the chocolate to 115F degrees, it is poured onto a kitchen counter to be tempered. Tempering is one of the hardest parts of the process of chocolate making and is used to create  a more even and uniform look to chocolate. Consistent small cocoa butter crystals are produced by tempering.<br />
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Right: Jerry. Center: Rebecca, Jerry's 9 yr old daughter and left is Natalie, her school friend.<br />
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Photograph by Stuart Isett<br />
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