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10/15/2011--Bainbridge, WA, USA..Bainbridge Organic Distillers on Bainbridge Island, WASH. Here, owner Keith Barnes's granddaughter, Brooklyn Barnes, 3, sits on barrels of whiskey. Children are allowed into distilleries with their parents...When Keith Barnes and his family were in the early stages of setting up a distillery on Bainbridge Island in 2008, they knew one thing for certain: They wanted the distillery to deliver high-quality organic spirits. While there were a few completely organic distilleries in other states, Barnes’ Bainbridge Organic Distillers was the first in Washington...But Bainbridge Organic Distillers has a devotion to what Barnes calls “old-school” methods, as well as using certified organic produce when crafting spirits. They begin with legacy (heirloom) soft white wheat grown in Walla Walla and Snohomish—a grain usually not commercially grown and one grown without the aid of fertilizer or irrigation—and organic rye from the Dungeness River delta. These grains haven’t been genetically altered to increase production, and you won’t find any altered enzymes, chemical agents, acids or modern processing aids around their Kentucky-made still. .  .This dedication to an overarching organic composition, as well as to leaving a smaller and safer overall environmental footprint, does mean that the product yields for their Legacy vodka ($32.95), Battle Point whiskey ($46.95) and Heritage gin ($34.95) are less than other distilleries (about 12,000 bottles a year). But Barnes believes it’s worth it to make spirits that boast deeper flavors and more interesting personalities. “Organic grains have more character and flavor than their conventional counterparts, and each variety has its own taste profile,” says Barnes. “Working organically to maximize the flavor potential of these great organic grains is very rewarding.” ..©2011 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.