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9/11/2007--Fidalgo Island WA, USA...Kayakers on Bowman Bay in the Deception Pass State Park, just north of Deception Pass bridge ..Whidbey Island can be a place of both geological and cultural extremes.  In a single hour's drive - about how long it takes to traverse the entire island North to South by car - you will pass through all and sundry topography: tunnels of towering redwoods, bucolic farmland dotted with barns and grazing horses, stunning vistas of sparkling bays.  And you're just as likely to spot a bald eagle soaring overhead as you are one of the military aircraft that thunder through the sky.  The breath-taking Deception Pass that links  Whidbey to Fidalgo Island can be visited  by foot, by car and by local jet boats. Whidbey is home to Top Gun mavericks and their flag-waving families as well as hippie peaceniks and dreamy-eyed artists...©2007 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved