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7/24/2009--Seattle, WA, USA..4 month old Talafou Posala is treated at the Rainier Beach Medical Clinic, with his mother Leata Posala 23, (right) and grandmother Tafiau Sio, 60. The clinic is run by Neighorcare Health, a provider of primary medical and dental care to low-income and uninsured patients in Seattle. ..Washington State, a Democratic liberal stronghold, has long been a proponent of the widest possible public access to health care. But state officials there are among those around the country who warn that the direction health care reform seems to be taking among the Democrats in Washington, D.C., could impose new strain on state-funded Medicaid services, with no new federal money to help ease the burden. Here's an on-the-ground look at how Medicaid is already spread thin in Washington State -- and what officials there worry might happen under if Congress passes health care legislation in any of its current forms....©2009 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.