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10/12/2011--Seattle, WA, USA..Homeless in Seattle, organized by SHARE (Seattle Housing and Resource Effort), camp outside the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, WASH. SHARE runs 15 shelters in Seattle and says cuts in government funding have forced it to close the shelters and put 300 people onto the street. The 'sleepout' at the Gates Foundation started on Monday, Oct. 10th, with about 50 homeless camping out with blankets and tarps; SHARE organizers have asked the Gates Foundation for funds to support its local efforts to fight homelessness and reopen the closed shelters...HERE: Participants from the Foundation Financial Officers Group leave the Gates Foundation after a meeting and walk past homeless camped outside the building, including Wade Graham, 49, bedding down for the night. According to their website the Foundation Financial Officers Group is a "non-profit membership organization of financial and investment officers of large private foundations in the United States and abroad."..©2011 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.