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2/18/2003--Tokyo, Japan<br />
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Famed Japanese photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki, at work in a studio. Japan's most famous photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, 62, is a controversial artist obsessed with rendering women, his one constant focus, as objects. After four decades of prolific output, continual growth and exploration, focused mainly on nudes, flowers his cat and mournful skies, few critics in Japan dispute the artist's appraisal of himself as Tensai Araki, or Araki the Genius. After more that 300 published books, four or five major shows in Japan every year and frequent overseas shows, he is not slowing down nor is he getting bored with his most cherished subject matter, the female form. The photographs of his wife Yoko, who died in 1990, have established his reputation in Japan. Of her he says: photographing her was everything to me. I shot her more than any other woman, and she was my most exciting subject.<br />
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