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3/8/2004--Urumqi, Xinjiang Province, China..Uighur food vendors argue with a Han Chinese immigrant at Urumqi Station over prices. The rise of a Urumqi,  the capital of Xinjiang, has barely papered over the ethnic and religious cracks that run deep in this region, which sits astride the ancient Silk Road, where Islam has reigned supreme for 1,000 years, but is now under heavy pressure from massive Han Chinese migration, breakneck development and often heavy-handed government repression. In today?s Xinjiang, money, authority, power and many Uighurs say, hope too, are all firmly in the grasp of the Han, who arrive from poorer areas of China by the thousands every day to seek their fortunes here. The restive Uighurs, a Central Asian ethnic group common to this part of China and to the neighboring former Soviet republics, meanwhile, are becoming an increasingly voiceless minority in their own homeland...Photograph by Stuart Isett.©2004 Stuart Isett