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4/23/2011--Seattle, WA, USA..Brad Kahn, 40, his wife Erin Kahn, 38 and their son Ezra, 2, in their home in Seattle, WA, checking email on their laptops while Ezra plays games on an an old iPhone 3 that Mr. Kahn no longer uses. Mr. Kahn, an environmental consultant in Seattle, said he often communicates with wife, Erin, by e-mail, even when the two are sitting a few feet apart on the sofa, tapping away on their laptops. He will cut her off if she starts instructing him verbally about what he calls his 'honey-do' list of chores for the weekend, he said, and ask her to send it electronically. It's simply more efficient, Mr. Kahn, 40, explained: "If I misunderstood any directions, having a written record can be very useful in maintaining marital bliss." ..©2001 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.