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12/1/2008--Kep, Cambodia..Knai Bang Chatt resort in Kep offers 11 minimalist-chic rooms with elevated beds that face either the calm Gulf of Thailand or artfully landscaped gardens.. Along the tranquil shores of southern Cambodia, nestled between the Vietnamese border and the provincial town of Kampot, is the quiet fishing village of Kep. In the early 20th Century, French colonials built smart weekend homes here but after they left, this remote area remained a secret. Since then a Khmer protégé of Le Corbusier designed and built Knai Bang Chatt's main house in 1962. The individual architecture blends seamlessly with its unique position to offer the best views of the deserted beach and blue ocean speckled with distant islands. The villa's three buildings are linked together by outdoor staircases and passageways. With as much indoor space as there are terraces, this home has eleven bedrooms inlaid with Cambodian artefacts and antiques. There is also a large salt water swimming pool carved out of volcanic rock where exquisite meals can be served. Bountiful picnics are combined with excursions to nearby sights such as a day trip to Rabbit Island, an oasis of calm and tranquility with excellent swimming....From the early 20th century through the 1960s, Kep was Cambodia's premier beach town, drawing weekend holiday-makers to its picturesque shores and sporting the ocean side villas of the privileged class. Nowadays, the old villas are in ruins (Seen here) , many of the owners killed by the Khmer Rouge. and the town is known more for its oceanfront seafood stalls than for its beaches, which are narrow and stony, offering just a few slivers of sand. For the moment at least, Kep has a real ?out of the way? feel to it - jungled mountains, empty beaches and few tourist services. The main road winds along the oceanfront, through the crab market and past small beaches and ritzy villas now crumbling in disrepair. Kep's current raison d'etre is fresh seafood, especially crab. No t