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9/24/2011--Seattle, WA, USA...Lisa Kittilsby and her son Eric (left), watch a UW football game at Husky Stadium after a morning of tailgating on her yacht the Big Dawg,..The 'Big Dawg', owned by Lisa and Tim Kittilsby, is the biggest, most prominent boat that attends regular boat tailgate parties on docks near the UW (University of Washington) Husky Stadium. Up to 500 boats will tie up outside Husky Stadium on football game days, ranging from from small boats to huge yachts. The Big Dawg is a 92-foot, two-story yacht that dominates the tailgate parties...The tradition started when Lisa and Tim Kittilsby's parents, Frank and Jeanie Miles, took a 23-foot boat called The Mixer to a game over 40 years ago...©2011 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.