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9/27/2010--Seattle,WA, USA..Tourists mingle in the 35th floor Chinese Room in the Smith Tower in Seattle. The floor is just below Petra Franklin's penthouse apartment and where the family catches the elevator...Smith Tower, located in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood, is the oldest skyscraper in the city. Completed in 1914 it has 38 floors and  remained the tallest building on the West Coast until the Seattle Space Needle overtook it in 1962. The tower is 462 ft (143 meters) from street level to the top of the pyramid with a small glass lighthouse at the top...Petra Franklin and her husband David Lahaie live in the pyramid on top of Smith Tower with their two daughters Simone, 6, and Naomi, 3. Franklin is co-founder and general partner of Vault Capital, a venture capital fund with offices in Smith Tower...Copyright © 2010 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.