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Jampukkar ,West Bengal, India..Women wait to gather water from an arsenic tainted well in Jampukkar, West Bengal. Besides mediacl problems caused by arsenic poisoning, villagers from affected villages also face discrimination and many young women from Jampukkar are unable to find husbands...Arsenic in man-made wells in India and Bangladesh has lurked unknown in village wells for over 30 years. Jampukkur is only one of a thousand arsenic-blighted villages in the east Indian state of West Bengal and about 5 million people living along the flood-plain of the Ganges are exposed to contaminated water. Over 200,000 of them suffer from arsenic skin lesions, early signs of serious arsenic poisoning. It is the biggest mass poisoning in the world-a man-aided natural disaster of vast proportions...Photograph by Stuart Isett.©2003 Stuart Isett