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June, 2001--Bangkok,   Thailand..The 'flies, illegal bike racers in Bangkok, Thailand. The 2-stroke engines fill the air with noxious fumes that sting the eyes and choke the lungs...The Thais call them maleang wan, or ?flies?. You see the illegal motorcycle racers every day on the streets of Bangkok. Tearing through the traffic, weaving in and out of the city?s permanently stalled traffic, you can hear the distinctive high pitch screams of their modified 75 & 125cc engines. By day they are dispatch riders, delivery boys, motorcycle taxi drivers or just bored teenagers out cruising the streets but at night they are Bangkok?s infamous racers?daredevils whose exploits and accidents have become regular gristle for the pages of Thai newspapers...All photographs ©2007 Stuart Isett.All rights reserved.This image may not be reproduced without expressed written permission from Stuart Isett.