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4/20/2003--Angkor Wat Temples, Siem Reap, Cambodia..PRAH KHAN.The sacred sword ..Prah Khan, the Beguiler, the Romancer, and the artist. It was built in second half of the 12th century (1191) by king Jayavarman VII, dedicated to the father of the king (Buddhist), with following to Prasat Bayon art style...Four causeways lead to the temple and are bordered by the same figures (giants and gods carrying a serpent as are found at the entrances to the city of Angkor Thom (not shown on the plan). This architectural element was the mark of a royal city. The absence of towers with faces such as those found at other temples built by the same king suggests Prah Khan is earlier. It may have served as a temporary residence of King Jayavarman VII while he was rebuilding the capital after the Chams sacked it in 1177. ..Prah Khan shares similarities with the temple of  Ta Prohm. The main elements are contained in a small space giving a cramped feeling. Much of the temple is in poor condition but even restored it would seem architecturally complex. ..An inscription found in 1939 indicates Prah Khan was the ancient city of Nagarajayacri. the second part of the name, Jayacri , is the Thai word for sacred sword, the meaning of Prah Khan. The sacred sword has a long history in Khmer tradition as in the late in the century Jayavarman II left his successor a sacred sword, the Prah Khan , which descendants still guard. Coeds, though, suggests that the legend of the sacred sword may have originate with the Thais who still call their sacred sword  ' Jayacri '...Photograph by Stuart Isett.©2003 Stuart Isett