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6/16/2010--Redmond, WA, USA..Eric Horvitz, Distinguished Scientist at Microsoft Research, shown here with his Personal Assistant, 'Diane', which works with visitors and colleagues outside his office.  Like the Bayesian Medical Kiosk, the research prototype understands how to engage in a conversation with one or more people, the etiquette of taking turns, means for handling barge-ins and interruptions, and when people are speaking to it versus to one another. . .The Personal Assistant has access to a Horvitz's calendar, his current location, activities on any computer he has been using, as well as an open microphone in Eric's office used to determine if he is currently engaged in a conversation.  The Personal Assistant uses this data, along with predictive models constructed from an 8-year old database of Eric's comings and goings to gain the insights of an expert assistant with regards to where Eric is and when he will return, as well as his availability for appointments...©2010 Stuart Isett. All rights reserved.