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11/25/2006--Phnom Penh, Cambodia<br />
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'Sharp', Srouch Svay, 27, from Bakersfield, California tries to learn to read and write Khmer. Like most of the deportees he can speak Khmer, but is illiterate in the language. Addicted to meth and a former dealer himself, Sharp has just quit drugs and is trying to get his life in order and started learning to read and write Khmer at RISP. He disappeared after just one class though. In the US, Sharp left behind a wife and 4 children.<br />
The RISP (Returnee Intergration Support Program) will be closed in Septmeber 2007 after the US Aids program cut funding.<br />
Photograph By Stuart Isett<br />
All photographs ©2006 Stuart Isett<br />
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